Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Pedicure...

For Easter I took my girls to get their first pedicure! Yes they are 13 & 11 people and I have never taken them to get a pedicure. Some of you are thinking...Poor abused...and some of you are thinking...who cares? I know! Because let me just be the first to admit to you...I'm not a girly girl really. I don't take good care of my nails. Yes...are you ready...I'm a biter. I admit it...when I get nervous...I BITE MY NAILS!! I have tried several times in my life to quit and I have a time or two...but managed to start again. I don't bite my toenails...ok...I'm not that gross! So I do take care of them. About 2 times a year I go get a pedicure...and I just started doing that about 3 years ago. It's hard for me to spend money on stuff like that! Can I tell you I am really ticklish on the bottom of my feet so I have to really concentrate on not jerking my foot out of their hands when they go to scrubbin me! But it's so relaxing when your feet are soaking in that little tub and they rub your legs. Ahh...yes! I really need to work on taking the time to do things like this with my girls. Teaching them how to take care of their nails and have fun too! I look forward to spending many more nights getting Spa Pedicures with my girls. It was super fun!
My girls were all nervous about going. It was cute!  
Lauren wondering what is going on?
Brooke as they scrubbed her feet...she is soo ticklish like me!
My niece Kenzie & her friend Amanda went with us too.
Our final product! SOO CUTE!!
Do you take your girls or go with your mom to get pedicures? 
What was it like the first time you went?


  1. Cute Steph! What fun! My mom is the one that always has taken us. I did take my daughter one time after she had been on a trip away and I just needed some time with her. It was a great day. I never get my fingernails done..I don't like that for some reason but I love the feet! But I'm ticklish too!!

  2. How fun! I love pedicures, usually something my best friend and I do together. I know I havea while, but I'm looking forward to taking my little girl with me. :)

  3. Brooke's picture cracks me up!!

    I do take my girls ~ because we ARE girly-girl and all! lol!
    But not very often.... it's so expensive. But fun!

    Glad you enjoyed it!


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