Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Digs!

You know...I used to be able to dress them all alike...but those days are slippin away. They all have their own personalities which is great so I want them to have something they like and feel good in. Of course Jaden doesn't give a rip what he wears...boys...gotta love that part. Lauren picked out this 80's skirt...which I was like...oh my! But it is cute on her! Sometimes as moms we just have to say...MY OPINION DOESN'T MATTER...and keep it to yourself! So I do...every once in awhile. :) But really...I do like it on her...just cracks me up all this 80's stuff is in style again. Brooke...that girl loves a pretty little dress. She has been DYING to wear this since we got it awhile back. Here is before church with my niece Kenzie also.
Of course Oreo the Bunny had to make it into a picture!
And I could just cry because I forgot to take my ultraviolet lens cover off and it made this yellow circle in our pic...oh well! They are so cute!
Hope everyone enjoyed their day Rejoicing in the Lord! We are so blessed!


  1. Adorable!! I was just thankful my girlies wore skirts this year :). Last year they wore jeans. Our church is 'casual'... but it was Easter for heaven's sake :) Your family is adorable!

  2. They look so sweet in their own little styles :)

  3. Cute cute!! Can I tell you that I did not take one picture of anyone this year? The kids left at a different time from us to go to church and to come home so it just never was a good sad...I just completely dropped the ball this easter :o(

  4. Aww so pretty and so very handsome!


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