Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stickin in there...

I've been thinking about my Grandpa this week...they lived next door to us and he passed away 2 years ago. I was mowing his lawn the other day and I keep waiting for him to come out in his "bibies" (overalls)...sit on the front porch...smoke his pipe & watch me. When I was done...he would give me a wink and a hug...then say "thanks mick"...that's what he called me. I miss his laugh.

But it got me thinking about him and my they always went to church. Never missed a Sunday if they were in town. Sat in the back...didn't cause any problems...just came to worship & learn about God's word. Simple.  No arguing over whether you had to or not...if something needed to be would get done after church.  My grandma is one of the first people on the roll at our church. Incase you didn't know it...we minister at the church I grew up I have deep roots there.

I think there is something to be said about sticking in there. Sticking in your marriage, job, friendships, beliefs and your church & really anything...instead of running when the going gets tough or you disagree with things.  There have been times when Matt & I could have had reason to cut & run from FCC from things that have upset us...been offered another position at a different church....but God always keep us here. There was a time when our church went thru some rough years...we were close to leaving...but the blessings of staying and letting my heart heal have changed me dramatically.  I see so many of our Sr. Saints that have went thru many preachers...worship minsters...with different styles...youth ministers...they have seen it all. The guy who comes in and changes everything...they still stay....thru it all..with all the changes.

What is it that makes them stay faithful to the body of Christ? I remember my grandma telling me that ministers come & go...but your church family stays...don't follow the man in the pulpit...follow God. Some wisdom right there. Are people/ministers in churches perfect...nope...are they all ran the same...nope...will they disappoint you...upset you...make mistakes...yep...the bigger question they preach the bible & are they lead by the Holy Spirit...I pray they are. I know the hearts of them men & women who lead FCC...and I have full confidence they are seeking God in all decisions and have a heart for the lost. They live & breath ministry...even when they are at home. Does it hurt when people leave...yep.

I know I have kinda rant & raved today...but I see a culture being raised that if you don't like it...leave it...leave your marriage...your church...your faith...your God...your family and sometimes it just annoys me. What are we teaching our children? Am I guilty of bet!  And when I think of my grandparents...I think of 2 people married for 60 plus years...was it easy...probably not. I think of Matt's day in a conversation with him as they celebrated 70 years of marriage....I asked...what's your secret to staying married that long...his answer..."you just don't get divorced". Ok...well that was easy. **Now let me say...I totally know that there are circumstances where God tells you to leave...and I get that and have full compassion for that...I have dear friends whose spouses have chosen to break their marriage vows...I've seen the broken hearts.
I've decided...I want to be that old lady who sits in the pew raising her hands in praise to God showing the younger generation...stick in there....blessings to be had in it. I know some will disagree with this opinion of mine in this blog...that's ok....I get that.
Father...please forgive me for my apathetic heart...when I don't stick in there and would rather give up. 

I know this is a little deep today...just been on my heart.
Is it hard for you to stick in there...what's your first response? 


  1. I agree with you 100%. I might be wrong, but I blame taking God out of school was one of the reasons for alot of these problems. The fact that people cannot have faith(belief in something you cant see). Funny what you said about what Matt's grandfather said, I was with a customer yesterday morn, and he said he was 85 yrs old. He lost his wife last month, and lost it a few times while we were talking through out the job. As I was about to leave he told me that his secret to him and his wife being together for 65 yrs was, "Love her, and spend your life showing her that you love her". I think that can be applied to everything. Love your spouse, your children, your friends, your family, your church family, and most of all God, and spend the rest of your life showing your love.

  2. Steph,
    I don't usually look at your blog, or even FB anymore, but today I did, and I am glad. Your words are just what I needed. Our pastor just resigned from our church a few weeks ago for personal reasons, and now our church is going through a transition. We have been using lay pastors and other men of God in the church to get us through this time. Some people have already left, and I wish that they could all read your blog. It was well said. AMEN SISTA.
    I love your choice of music.

  3. My comment today is AMEN!!! Considering this is my 20th wedding anniversary I've been thinking about this topic a lot. Here's to stickin' in there!!!

  4. Amen Girl! This darn world teaches it is all about us and how we feel! our feelings will lead us down the wrong path EVERYTIME!!! If we would listen to the Holy Spirit in every situation HE will NEVER lead us astray!
    We are all warriors and sometimes this journey called Life calls for us to fight but we need to remember we ALWAYS have Someone fighting with us AND the Lord places others there to help us, pray for us, encourage us no matter what we face!!

    Great post Steph! Love you

  5. Great words of wisdom Steph! So many of us just don't do the stickin' like we need to or should.

    What an awesome example your grandparents have shared with another generation! May we all learn from simplicity and loyalty.
    love ya friend! :)

  6. Amen, girl! We are definitely in a 'like it or leave it' generation. Not that sometimes God does have you to leave (ie. call you to another work or another area), but I think that OFTEN people leave when discourage or frustrated instead of waiting it out and watching God work, heal, reunite etc. Great thoughts!!


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