Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dip Cones

On Monday we went to Joplin to help out my sister & that is where I lived for
 about 8 years & also the home of my Alma Mater (s) Ozark Christian College
& Missouri Southern State University. 
There is an old fashion burger place there called Babes...
oh the vitamin G (grease) that is consumed at this place. 
Greasy burgers, fries, suzie Q's & onion rings, 
BUT...that is not why I have such fond memories of this place. 

***we interrupt this blog to tell you I am aware this dip cone is not
part of a healthy living plan...but I also know you gotta just treat yourself 
once in awhile so judge if you want...but I really don't mind***

It's the Dip Cones. A rare find these days. 
See...my college BFF & I would go there & sit & chat over a
Gigantic Dip Cone. The funny thing is...I could never finish one.
I always knocked off some of the ice cream. Lana always gave
 me a hard time about it. :) 

I cherish her friendship still to this day. 
Every time I eat a dip cone it takes me back to those college days
sitting on that vinyl red booth, listening to 50's music, the smell of grease,
laughing & building a friendship. 
This is Lana...:)

How about you? Is there something that takes you back to one of your
favorite times in life when you eat it or smell it? 
Do you like Dip Cones?

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  1. I LOVE DIP CONES!!! There's a tastee freeze in Skiatook that still does them!


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