Friday, March 18, 2011

Becoming Less

The downhill slide is back...

I lost 2.6 lbs this week!! WOO HOO!

Too be honest...I needed to gain a pound last week. It slapped me back into
reality & made me focus.

What did I focus on  this week?
I really watched my portion sizes & my snacking.
But mostly...talked to God before I put anything in my mouth.

I'm a snacker...I like to eat between each meals.
Oh heck...let's just be real....I love food.
But it's a habit...not because I'm hungry.
I have replaced unhealthy snacks with fruit & nuts. Which means more
trips to the grocery store....but as they now or pay later
with bad health.

When I walk into the kitchen or when I'm sitting at a meal...
I have began to think of these words in Made To Crave...
It's about realizing the power of God taking over my complete weakness.
I am weak when it comes to food...especially sweets. From what I understand
the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. I have significantly reduced my
sugar intake this week. The kids have been home for Spring Break...which
always brings a few extra treats around the house. I have resisted the temptation
of these sweets. I did take advantage of a dip cone this week while we were out
of town, but besides that I have really tried to...JUST SAY NO!!
Which is soooo hard for me to do! But it's getting a little easier with each...No.

Temptation...if not contained....can consume our thoughts, redirect our actions,
and demand our worship. Temptation doesn't take kindly to being starved.
It's a vicious cycle, but I'm clinging to the Hope that I can conquer it with the
power of the Holy Spirit living inside of me.
When I'm at the end of my strength...I pray for God's strength to step in & fill
the gap of my weakness.

I want to encourage all of you out there that struggle with the love of food.
If you don't struggle with will not get all of this. We can win with
God's strength & power inside of us. Stop thinking it's unfair that your skinny
friend doesn't have to work out or watch what she eats...don't wish she would
gain 50lbs know deep down that would make you smile...right?
So naughty!!! Some of you are laughing while you skinny girls are like...
she is so mean!! I am only playing!!

Instead Join me in praising God that He has chosen this battle to draw you closer
to Him & find true obedience in walking with Him. Be set free from these chains.

But Jesus said to me, 
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect 
in weakness." Therefore I will BOAST all the more gladly about my weaknesses, 
so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in 
weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak,
then I am strong. 
2 Corinthians 12:9-10 

MTC (Made to Crave)
Life as a Christ follower will always be a learning process of depending less on our
own strength & more on God's power. 
He must become greater, I must become less...John 3:30. 

How can I pray for you in this journey? Pray for me to be obedient in my weakness,
to not give into temptation & to call upon God in all circumstances.


  1. This is exactly where I am right now! Thank you for posting. I had conquered my temptation for so long, but something clicked. I am not sure what or when. I feel like I lost it. Is Made to Crave a book? I need to get it I think.--Your Cuz

  2. Steph, Thank you for this great post! I am praying with you. My son has been eating healthy for a couple years now, but my husband and I still snack on chips. We do eat healthier and are continuing to try to do better. Have a great weekend!

  3. congratulations stephanie - praying that you keep on the right path resisting temptation!

  4. Wahoooooo!!! Yea for the 2.6!!! Proud of you girl!! I had a 2.2 week :)... and I'm 2.7 away from my 10%... REALLY hoping that will be this week, but also trying not to get my hopes up!!
    I REALLY need to get MADE TO CRAVE :)

  5. I love you and I have missed reading your blog...I have to slow life down...for real!!!

    Praying for you - it's a daily battle!


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