Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I counted it all Joy Wednesday!

Why I Count it all JOY Wednesday!
Join my friend Angel as we Count our JOYS!

What is filling me with JOY this week?

My girls graduated from Dog Training school with our labs!
So proud of them!

Our concrete floors are almost done!! WOO HOO!

I love the way the floors look too.

My HBL...he is such a hard worker.
(hunka burnin love=husband)

Getting to Visit our Stone Canyon Campus on Sunday.

My PWs...I cherish our friendships. 
Only 2 months until we are all hanging out in Nashville!!

Made To Crave...a book a friend of mine suggested.
I will blog about that on Friday.

Friends who let you borrow equipment & are happy to help.

Encouraging Texts in the middle of the day from
someone unexpected. 

God's almighty power & how He can use anyone...
even a non believer to accomplish His purpose. 

Singing the hymn...."It is Well with my soul" 
this morning in BSF. 

I have been praying about something I feel is
big & out of my comfort zone for awhile & God is
revealing to me that He is leading me in a new direction.

Getting to take this sweet babies pic...remember that new dad
I had on here a few weeks ago...this is his baby Zane. 
I am working on those Photography skills.

What is filling you with JOY This week????


  1. I bought "Made to Carve" a couple weeks ago and can't wait to sit down and read it! My mom read it in like an hour when she was here, I am not that quick! I can't wait to see all the "newness" in your house!! Also can't wait hear about God leading you to a new place in your life!!

  2. Okay, how about Crave, not carve, haha!!


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