Friday, March 25, 2011

Becoming Less

There are weeks you are just glad to maintain!!

That's correct...I didn't gain or lose this week.
And I'm completely fine with those results.

It was one of those weeks I was nervous to step onto that scale. It's that time
of the month (I know there are some of you who cringe at that information...but
it honestly makes a difference for get over it..:)

And of course I'm gonna share a little from my favorite book..MTC..
Do you ever feel like you are traveling around the same mountain & you can't
seem to make the right turn? That's how I feel about my battle with food.
Been there...done that.
A friend of Lysa's named Ruth Graham shared this in her book...
Either we can be victimized and become victims, or we can be victimized & rise
above it. Often it is easier to play the victim than take off our masks and ask for help.
We get comfortable with our victim status. It becomes our identity and is hard to give up.
The Isrealites often played the victim card, and I love what God finally tells them,
"You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north." Deut 2:3

I've been struggling with this for so's time to turn north & quit circling this
mountain of disobedience. Anyone else feel that way? I play the victim role well on
some days.

Lies? Do you hate when someone lies to you? I do.
I have to empty myself of the lie that other people or things can ever fill
my heart to the fullest. Not my husband, my kids, food...nothing can fill
my heart....except God.
Some examples:
LIES: I need that cupcake...I love that cupcake. It's a reception...I will be rude if
I don't eat it. I don't ever get a chance to have this kind of stuff except for
at events like's ok
NEW TRUTH: I don't need that cupcake. I can always go buy one at any moment
if I really want one. It will only taste good for a few minutes & then the guilt will
rush in like a dam that has been busted. That cupcake doesn't love u back!

I have to strip these lies from my life like sealer off a concrete floors!!
(trust me...I know what a mess that is)
It's time to TURN NORTH sisters & quit circling this mountain!
This week...pray I won't believe the lies of food.

He must become greater...I must become less. John 3:30


  1. I believe you will find strength just writting this here. And most of us will know this struggle over something in our lives. God's blessings upon you.

  2. Sounds like you are learning so much on this weight loss journey...(even though I still don't think you need to lose any, atleast from pictures I see) You are beautiful and you can do it :)

  3. Awesome Steph! May your hard work, efforts, & strength pave the way for complete success on this journey. You rock girl- love your honesty. :)


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