Monday, March 14, 2011

What's on my mind Monday???

Think I'm starting a theme...we will see.

What's on my mind today?


Just some one word thoughts....but now I'll explain.

It's Spring Break around here so we decided to take the weekend off & head
to Matt's Brother's house. Some of you might already know this...but my SIL
is one of my best friends. They are also in the planters.
And if you know anything about church are definitely called to
it & it is most definitely not an easy road. But Kingdom work at it's finest!

We had the privilege of worshiping with them at LifeTrack on Sunday. They just
moved into their new building about a month ago & they are already bust out the seams!
PRaisE the LORD! Here is a precious! This has been a long time coming!!

They had stations set up yesterday that we rotated around for worship. They are getting 
ready to put sheet rock on the walls so they let everyone sign scripture on the plywood. 
This is my new precious friend Ara (sp?) she loved having her picture taken...
My niece Cassidy writing her scripture on the wall.
They called it the "touchy feely table" could feel the crown of thorns,
touch the sharp claws of the tools they flogged Jesus with. 
This always hurts my heart to know what My Jesus did for me. 
But so humbled by my Saviors love for me. 
They live in heavy Catholic area so they celebrate lent. They 
wrote on the walls what they were giving up for lent. 
Negative words...that one caught my eye. (finger pointing at me) 
I didn't write it...but I should have.
And SIL had told me this story over the years & how 
her life has unfolded. I finally got to meet her.
 I was in tears watching her write this scripture on the wall.
She truly knows the deeps of Christ love & how He alone is
the reason she has walked away from her life lesbian lifestyle. It is amazing 
to see the transformation of her life. The church
loved her & was there for her....reached out to her & showed her Christ 
love. She has been set free. AMeN!
I will never grow WEARY of watching the church come together 
in Christ name & Love someone to Him. I am blessed to see transformation
first hand daily as a Pastor's wife & hear the testimonies of many. 
As many of you are are out in the trenches at
on the ball your homes loving others in His Name. 

We spent the day with our family....Matt's dad & step mom even surprised 
all of us by coming up for the service. 

I am sitting here at my SIL house in Kansas watching the snow fall.
SNOW? What? Yep! Wasn't it 70 just a few days ago?

Heading to help my sister in Joplin pack her house later today.

Missed my FCC family yesterday. It's a JOY to serve with all of you.

Our time here has been so encouraging & refreshing.
I am blessed to have a SIL that "gets me" & the life that God has called 
us too, someone who is standing next to me cheering me on.
Our chats are like little nuggets of Gold. 
Free to be me. 

It's Spring Break...gonna relax & enjoy our kids. 
Praising GOd for his arms wrapped around us.


  1. What an awesome time! I am so glad you have someone that "gets you" and the life we have :) How cool that they were writing on the walls, what an awesome thing to have their people do! Happy Spring break! Enjoy!

  2. i loved this post Steph! I pray that y'all have a great time - enjoy the snow!

  3. Some good friends of ours go to your sister-in-law's church. She too posted about how powerful the service was on Sunday. Love it!
    I also miss Babe's. Chris & I enjoyed going there the during the first two years we were married but I never tried a dipped cone... I may have to go back for a visit. :)


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