Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday!!! Join my friend Angel & count your JOYS!!

Why do I count it all JOY?

Matt's been out of town & I am JOYFUL he is coming 
home tonight! Single parenting isn't fun!!

These daffodils are from my grandparents yard...every year
when they bloom it brings me so much JOY. They passed 
away 3 years ago.
They are gorgeous...3 different types...
double bloom, all white & yellow & white.

Our FCC staff sent us these flowers to the funeral. 
They are so beautiful. So much JOY filled my
heart when I read the card!

All the McCroskey Great Grandkids! 
These kids love to hang out together & it brings me so much JOY to
watch these cousins laugh & enJOY each other.

Lauren is doing so well on her speech contest for FFA. 
I am so proud of her.

Met with virtual PWs last night on Tokbox for the last time.
We will move onto Skype now, but I so ENJOY out times!

Lots of baby & wedding showers right now!

Go fills me with JOY daily & realizing how blessed I am. 
I pray each of you take the time to count your JOYS.

I love this song pretty much describes me. 
Things drive me crazy & I have to remember
p.s. it's a little big for the blog...not sure why!!

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  1. Lol. . .Steph, I have one of Francesca's older cd's in my car that I listen to every day. I heard this song for the first time this past weekend on someone's Spiritual Sunday post. . .I lost my keys last Thursday, lost an earring last night, but it was found today, (My keys were found, too, after I missed a meeting.) Actually, I'm always losing my keys, phone and 1 earring! I so relate, and I always love reading your Joy post!


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