Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednsday!

It's Wednesday so You need to JOIN me & my
friend Angel in counting our JOYS for the day!

Why Am I filled with JOY??

Tokbox...spending an hour & a half with my sweet PW Joy
just chatting away about life in ministry & our dreams.

I enrolled Lauren as a Freshman yesterday.
(more on this later...noticed it's marked out. I have
an attitude problem with her growing up...:) Tear...

Watching my girls serve the Lord with JOY.

Lunch with an encouraging friend...who speaks truth into my life.

We found a sectional for our living room! AMEN!

My house is finally starting to smell somewhat normal again.

I see signs of spring all over our yard...coming back to life.

2 months...I will be hanging with my PWs in Nashville.

Once again God is causing my soul to stir & crave HIM more.

Our family is taking a Facebook break this week.
kids are so excited about that! ha!

Healthy food choices & people who push me to make them!

My freezer is full of FFA meat again...

Great kids...a Godly amazing church to serve in.

You are JOY, You are JOY....

What makes you full of JOY today??


  1. Reading YOUR JOY list fills me with more JOY! I'm going to work on a quick write of my JOY list right now. I do look forward to Wednesdays!

  2. YAY for Nashville! So excited.

  3. what fills me with joy??? my grandbabies... all 6 of them!

  4. I wish I was seeing more signs of spring. Still looking at snow...but I guess the rain is helping :). Beautiful to watch our children serve the lord.

  5. "Watching my girls serve the Lord with JOY."

    That ultimately is a parents greatest joy! Good post.


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