Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming Less

Week 3 was bound to happen...

I. Gained. 1pd this week...grrr.

I can tell you exactly why...
I didn't track my food as well this week. I worked every day &
didn't take the time to do it. Not good.
Our water in our fridge taste AWFUL so I didn't drink as much
water this week...(due to our sealer on our floor it's messed up)
I was on my period...ladies...can I get an Amen on that?
And finally....I simply struggled with eating to much.

When I stepped on that scale last night & she said I gained a pound,
I felt like someone punched me in the gut to be honest. I was sad/mad at myself.
Do you know what the "old" Stephanie would have done? She would have
looked across the street at that McDonalds & said "the heck with it...go get a
hamburger, large fries, Dr. Pepper & some ice cream right now to comfort yourself."
Just give won't be able to lose this weight. Why even try?
And honestly...for a milli second...that old Stephanie & I chatted. But...guess what?
She didn't win. Infact, instead it put a fire in my pants! And I came home & ate
a good meal instead.

Victory in the battle.

I really feel like God was preparing my heart for this today. I was reading Made
to Crave today & I kid you not...she repeated this sentence like 10 times in this

"I am a Jesus Girl who can step on that scale and see the numbers
as an indication of  how much my body weighs and not an indication of my worth."

Seriously? Yes...I read that today right before I went. My worth is not in that is
in Jesus Christ. I will not be defeated or let this ruin my day & my attitude. It's one week.
Gonna hit it hard & focus again this week.

Victory on the scale? Nope.
Victory in the battle? Yes.

Define your week by obedience....not the scale.
Even when that scale says you have lost & when it tells you that you've gained.

He must become Greater...I must become less.

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  1. So proud of you Steph!! You are HIS and through HIM you are VICTORIOUS!
    nuff said


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