Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Kids Day!

At the end of each year Mills has Super Kids Day!! It's a day show off everything they have learned during gym this year along with some just plain fun in the Sun!! 

I was in charge of the Animal Sling this year. We slung a turtle out of a sling...can you say that 3x fast? 

Brooke & Mayan...her best little bud at school
Jaden & Wyatt...his best dude!
Momma & her girl...last SKD for her @ Mills. She will be in 6th grade next year!! NO!
Police Officer Tracy...she is our Children Pastors wife! She helps out at the schools. She ROCKS!
Brooke & Jaden. They give them tags to punch off the games they play!
Super Fun Day @ Super Kids Day! SO glad I can be a part of their school Fun!!


  1. I love being a part of the kids school functions. It is fun for them and us. Sweet pictures. Glad everyone had fun.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!! You are one blessed mama!!

  3. Steph,

    This looks like so much fun! I wish we had days like this at our kids schools.

    Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

  4. Gotta love SKD!! The weather was great for it this year. I think this was my 4th year in a row to work the big blow-up obstacle course. Those kids love that thing!! And a few teachers were racing in it this year!! :)

  5. Such fun times! I love these last days of school when they can still celebrate and have FUN instead of testing like Jen had to do today LOL

    Great pics!


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