Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thanks Teachers

Every summer I pray for God to place my kids in the classes he thinks they should be in...not the one I think is best. He always proves to know what's best...even when I question Him. Once again this year...He knew better than me. Thank you Jesus!!!

Meet Mrs. Carden...Brooke's teacher. She is so sweet...always hugs them...but isn't afraid to discipline them...her classroom is in order & the kids know what is expected of them. Which...Brooke being a pleaser...likes that. Lauren also had Mrs. Carden and we have loved her since.  I appreciate how much Mrs. Carden loves my kids & her job as their teacher. Thank you Mrs. Carden...we love you!
Now meet  Mrs. Anderson...Jaden's teacher...Brooke had her in 3rd grade also.  She is the perfect teacher for Jaden & boys his age. She loves on them and has high expectations for them. She lets them be boys and understands their quirks. One thing I dig about her is...she let's parents be involved. She lets you plan parties & make copies if needed. I utterly enjoy such things!  Thanks Mrs. Anderson for making Jaden's 3rd grade year so awesome. You always take such good care of us!!
This here is our principal Mrs. Casey. Now...Mrs. Casey she has a strong personality...some can handle it...some can't. She knows whats expected and doesn't sway from that. I see her hug on our kids & try her best to teach them that they can be anything they set their minds too. I would never want her job...being a principal is not have to deal with so know so much...and it probably breaks your heart to be honest most days. But I know she does it because she truly loves kids. Thank you Mrs. Casey for making our school a great place to have our kids!!

I hope you are blessed with fantastic teachers too! Make sure & show them how much you appreciate them for everything they do for our children!! 


  1. Oh I love seeing these familiar faces! Great teachers and yes Mrs. Casey is tough but she is awesome !!

    Love everyone there and miss them :)

  2. Please stop by my blog today for another Urgent Prayer request, this time its for my family.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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