Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fevers Smevers!!! UGH!!!!

Shoo...wheeee!! I am so glad to be home!! It's been a fun but crazy week.  On Tuesday, while I was in Tennessee Jaden started running a fever...103 to be exact. The week before Lauren had a fever for 2 days & then she was I thought that is what Jaden had & I told the Grandparents to just ride it out. When Lauren was sick I had taken her to the Dr. and they tested her for the flu & strep...and nothing.

Now...I absolutely DO NOT run to the dr. when my kids are ANNOYS me to the copay...sit there for an hour...pick up all the other germs that the other sick kids left...just to's a virus....go home and just watch them. UGH! Not that I want them to have something know. Just give me some drugs to make them better! LOL!!

Anyway, Jaden stayed home on Wed. & he was totally fine. Went to Target & out to lunch with his Grandparents, played outside, messed around with my dad in his shop. His temperature was only 99 that evening & he seemed like he was getting over it. So we sent him to school on Thursday. He made it almost the whole day, then his stomach started to hurt so my neighbor picked him up from school. Around 4:00 his temperature was 104!! WOW!! WHAT?? I am 100's of miles away..about to board a plane (which I am anxious about anyway) and my son is so sick! Finally my dad made the decision just to take him to Urgent Care because my Dr. was already closed for the day.

Picture an airport...on the phone with Urgent I start talking to the lady...I start to cry. She was so sweet & compassionate. I was a mess. I don't know why...just ready to be home and upset I wasn't there to take care of my BABY!! Found out the boy had Strep Throat, got a shot...amoxicillin and we hoped he was on his way to healing.

We make it home @ 12:00 am on Thursday...tired...only to find out Brooke is sick now. UGH! The next morning we are suppose to head to Manhattan, KS for Hannah's wedding. So I run her to the Dr. just incase it's strep...of course...NO strep. Yeah, but what is it? Fever...same signs as Jaden...or is it hand mouth & foot? On Saturday...they both woke up with spots...which is typical for strep...but what about Brooke?


It's Sunday...they both had fevers last night again. We are on day 5 of fever with Jaden. No fever today though. Still have the red spots. Today is just lay around & do nothing today. They sent Brooke's strep culture to see if it will grow...we will find out tomorrow.

I am so glad to be home. I HATE being gone when they are sick. I had a little break down at the airport last week. Even though I knew they were in capable hands with my parents & Matt's mom...I still wanted to be home with them.

This has been a long post..sorry...just needed to's been since Wednesday since I've blogged. Sorry it's so random & probably hard to follow. Any advice from you mommy's out there? I just get annoyed with Dr. visits and take them's a virus...don't take them in...they are sick. Geez...I know it's not the Dr.s's just...just...oh I need to hush.
I'm's all good.


  1. Oh my goodness!! I hope they are all feeling much better very soon!! They just need summer vacation don't they? :) Take care of you so you don't get it. And thanks for your sweet comment on my last post :)

  2. As much as experiences like this are draining and exhausting, they are frustrating. Hope everyone starts getting better soon.

  3. Poor you...
    It's ok to vent about fevers and the disappointment of being away when your children are sick. Nothing worse then feeling helpless when your "babies" want Mama to wipe their heads with a cool cloth and make chicken noodle soup.
    Hope they get better soon!

  4. omg you poor thing!! I am sooo sorry for all of you! I cannot even imagine how hard that was for you to be away! EVEN when they are with your parents it is not the same as their own momma! next best thing but still ;)

    So glad you are home and can love on those sweet babies! Praying they are better soon! I am sure just having you home makes a HUGE difference!!


  5. You poor thing! You go take care of someone else's baby and then YOURS get sick! I'm so glad you are home!!

  6. OMGoodness. I hope that everyone gets back to normal and that no one else gets sick. That is not fun. Welcome home right? get some rest. I pump them with Health food supplements and herbs. That seems to help alot.


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