Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Tooth

See that box up there...yea...I could eat that whole box. I love sweets...especially cupcakes...dingdongs..cinnamon rolls...anything sweet & cake like. 2 weeks ago I decided to not eat sweets during the week...only on the weekends. It was so hard that first week. I honestly felt like a smoker who couldn't have a cigarette. I am not making light of that at all...seriously!! But last week got easier and's a little easier. I have a goal...and I am trying to reach it. It's an obedience issue with me also. Obeying God & filling my life with him not sweets. Welp...there ya have it...if you see me you have my permission to encourage me...reprimand me...whatever. Just trying to be healthier & set a good example for my children also. I know some of you could rip open a bag of a box of cupcakes. 
How about you? Sweet or Salty? 


  1. Sweet and Salty for me unfortunately!!! I would love a lot of both!!! I too have really been limiting my consumption though. Love and Blessings, Angel

  2. I can so relate to your love for all things sweet! We're trying to follow the "Belly Fat Cure" book and have drastically cut back on our sweets! I definitely feel better! For me, I feel compelled to do the healthy thing since my degree is in Corporate Wellness and I need to practice what I preach!! Blessings!

  3. Okay...I'll confess my weakness...CHOCOLATE! Unfortunately the "milk chocolate." I could pop Hershey's kisses like popcorn. I don't ;)
    I'm totally into "sweet" favorite combo is popcorn and chocolate! So...maybe I'm "sweet" and "salty!"

  4. Hands down I'm addicted to sweets! I'm working on resisting but seem to fail more than succeed!!

  5. For me...sweet then salty...and then a little sweet oh ya and then of course I will have to have some salt :) get the picture???!!! hahaha

    Great job Steph! You really are doing awesome!

  6. i'm all about salty! proud of you for doing this!! love ya

  7. and...your blog looks great!

  8. I definitely start with the box of cupcakes and then follow it up with a bag of chips :o) Keep it up girl!!

    Can I just tell you that I made "mashed potatoes" out of cauliflower? No lie :o) Dave was out on it but I tell you that if I just didn't over analyze it as I ate really tasted like mashed potatoes!

  9. My weakness are potato chips! I like the weekend only idea : )
    Jody Sansone


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