Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The F4 survivors...

It was a windy Sunday afternoon...7 years ago today. We were having a cookout for our Graduates and the wind about blew us away. Little did I know....about 3 hours away...my sis n law was protecting the lives of her kids in their basement. Brian had been in Joplin with the youth kids so Krista was alone with the kids. That night we came home to a couple of frantic messages saying we needed to call Matt's mom...we learned an F4 tornado had totally destroyed Matt's brother's house. Everyone was ok...praise God. I didn't sleep a wink that night...so heart broken for Krista & Brian. We woke up early and headed that way to help. As we pulled up...my eyes could not take in the disaster at hand. I will never ever forget seeing Krista at that very moment, we wrapped each other up in the biggest hug and cried.
This was what was left...the floor. 
Krista had taken refuge in their basement with the kids. Do you see this room? 
Dirt everywhere...a mess. This was the girls room...it was in the far corner of the basement...if you were going to pick a room to hide, you would have probably picked this one. Instead Krista & the kids went to my nephews room that was next too it...closer to the outside wall. You have to pass his room to get to  their room down the hall. They sat in the room & sang praise songs to Jesus  & prayed while the tornado went over their house...destroying everything in it's path. When it was all over...this is the room they were in. Not a speck of dust in it. 
Do you have the chills? I do...even after 7 years. I know the Holy Spirit was standing in that doorway that day. Protecting them from the tornado. There is no other explanation. Simple. 
All our lives we collect things...buy things and it can end up in a twisted mess...just like this..
 Brian & Krista lost baby pictures of her kids...Christmas ornaments...cloths...albums...& many other things that meant so much to them.  But they will tell you..it's just stuff...hard lesson to learn for all us. They can wrap her arms around her kids everyday...priceless. They have rebuilt their home & their lives. Their strength & faith thru it all has been a true testimony of God's power for us all to see. 
Many of our friends in Tennessee are dealing with losing their homes right now...please pray for them. 
Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit's protection? 
Brian & Krista have this verse displayed in their house now:
Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; 
A man's life does not consist in the abundances of his possessions. 
Luke 12:15


  1. Wow! Glad they were all ok. Very scary!

  2. Such an awesome testimony for them to be able to share!!

  3. OH, this brought back memories of the tornado that hit my moms house about 14 years ago. SHe took shelter under the staircase and it just demolished her home. But praise God your family and my mom were safe. God was certainly with them.

    Love you - Beth

  4. WOW! That is an amazing story and testimony. I'm in TN. Our city got hit hard and still has places underwater. Our house is fine. But our neighboring city will not be the same for a loooong time.


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