Friday, May 21, 2010

Babysitting #2 Ella...

Our family has decided to give a young couple each month a night out and watch their kids! We know how hard it is just to have a night alone with little ones...been there....:) This is babysitting adventure #2...I would like to introduce you to this girl..she is 2 years old...
Ella is the daughter of Cheynne &  Jamie Enyart. They have 2 daughters...Baylor is probably 6...but she was at a bday party for the night. Ella wanted to swim...but wasn't quite ready for the big I blew up our little tiny pool and put some littlest pet shop toys in there for her...but eventually she ended up in the big pool with the girls.
We ate pizza by the pool..notice our lab sitting in the chair...she thinks she is a person.
Then we colored this picture...
Because we made this little flower pot.
You can get the kit at Hobby Lobby for practically nothing! Do you just want to squeeze her?
All snuggled up with my girls to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks!
And of course we had to make Chocolate Chip Cookies...can you see the chocolate all over her face & kinda girl right there!
As she was leaving she wanted a to take a picture of me but we decided to get her in the shot too..
I adore this little Ella. She is really funny. She made us laugh the entire night. She is sweet, but SO ornery & sassy!! I just can't figure out why I love her so much...hmmm ornery & sassy...sounds like me.
As she left she said "thanks for having me over" in her little 2 year old voice. OH MY WORD! My heart just leaped with joy from that. I have to tell you...doing this has been such a blessing for our family. Getting to have some little ones around for a night is fun and knowing their parents get to enjoy some alone time makes me have some peace & comfort...hoping we can encourage them to take care of their marriage. Very thankful for my girls who entertain the little ones when they are here...I am overwhelmed with their servant hearts and how good they are to the kids. 
So are welcome are an adorable little girl who steals my heart every time you come around!! :) 


  1. I love reading these babysitting posts. You all are just precious and it is awesome how each night and each child is soo different yet the underlying theme is fun, joy, and laughter! You all beam in these just oozes joy in each one of you and the children who are blessed by being with you...I love it :)

  2. I love, love, love this idea. I might just steal it :)

  3. This must have been such a blessing for all of you, the parents who got a night out alone, the kids having the time of their lives and you for knowing you were doing all the right things for everyone and in return got many many more blessings.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. We LOVE you guys! She had the best time (and we did too). Thanks for doing this. It’s a wonderful idea and for those of us who don’t have family around it's a true blessing! Plus I just love seeing her cute little face in all those pictures.


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