Friday, May 7, 2010

Day of Caring

Yesterday NJHS had a Day of Caring. 170 kids were sent out all over our community to serve in all kinds of difference places. I took a group of girls to the Pregnancy Resource Center here in Owasso. Lindsay Bippus & the other gals there have a fabulous ministry to unwed moms. They offer so many services that will help the girls become better moms & teach them life skills to be able to move forward in life. They have a store the moms can earn Mommy money for by attending classes they provide. Moms can buy anything from clothes...diapers...carseats to any basic or huge needs they might have for their babies. They educate them on all their options as an unwed mother. Recently they were donated an ultrasound machine so in the near future they will be able to provide free ultrasounds to these moms. It is a proven fact that is they mom sees the baby on an ultrasound and is educated on how it develops she will be less likely to abort the baby. Praise God!! The PRC has 80 clients here in Owasso with their youngest being 14 years old...yep that is about my daughters age so that hit home with these girls yesterday. They rely totally on donations so if you want to support them...Do it! It is amazing what God has done thru this ministry that was started about 20 years ago at our church and is now a huge outreach thru all the churches here in our town. I love to watch God grow ministry thru the lives of others. 
We did a little cleaning..
Folded 400 newsletters
The girls were outstanding to work with. No complaints...they actually wanted to stay longer and were upset that we had to leave so early. It was definitely a refreshing day for me to be a part of. I totally believe in giving our kids opportunities to serve & grow and be a leader. It might be cleaning a toilet or speaking up for what they believe in..either capacity they are leading. 
Thanks Mrs. Ball for taking the time to put this day together...


  1. That's awesome Steph! I remember PRC having just a small place @FCC and just see Gods hand on it as it has grown into the enormous ministry for sooo many! What a blessing and I am so happy to see these girls play a role in making it be even brighter for those who come to visit!

    Hope you are ready to run!!! Praying for you girly!

  2. OH my gosh, does Lauren have Mrs. Ball??! I loved her.

  3. What a great ministry and a wonderful serving opportunity for those girls. You are a light to them. Good Job!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! Love and Blessings, Angel


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