Monday, May 31, 2010

Panama Day 1...

One of the best parts...meeting Joy which I blogged about already...
but onto our day!
We hit our favorite pizza place down here...
Mellow Mushroom!!
Why do we love this place? Well...their ingredients is all natural...made fresh right there!
This is my favorite pizza...(not my fam's fav. just mine)
It has...roma tomatoes, olive oil & garlic, spinach, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes...YUM!!
Brooke enjoying her pizza...

Jaden found Optimus Prime from Transformers...
When we got home there was a water tornado out in the ocean!
We headed to the beach & did some boogie boardin!
Jaden made a fort for his Gooey Ducks...yep Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs taught Jaden about Gooey Ducks...
We saw Dolphins...hard to tell from this pic...but this is one...
***I interrupt  this blog to tell you I did something I can't believe I did...I left my telephoto lens at home for my Canon Rebel...yes...I am so sick...I can't believe I did that...almost cried...***
This is Matt & the kids in the ocean...we have seen sting rays every day. They don't bother anyone, but they freak us out a little. You know Steve Irwin was killed by kids adored him so that freaks them out a little. :) But they are getting over it. 
We have had a fabulous relaxing time so far. So thankful for the opportunity to be here. The ocean amazes me still. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Never gets old.


  1. YUM!! and I can just hear those waves crashing now :) What an awesome first day!!!

  2. I am jealous of you, but glad you are having a great time!!!

  3. mommyof3andlovinit.blogspot.comMay 31, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Stink ray? Did you mean to say "stink" ray? lol!! Oh well... maybe that too, huh!?!? :-)

    Have fun you guys! You totally deserve it!

  4. Haha!! Cari!! THanks for catching that!! I will fix it!!

  5. oh no about the lens. i would have cried too. That pizza looked amazingly yummy.


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