Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures @ Target In NC

I have to tell you something might not think it's as funny as we did...but we were super tired...sitting in Target @ Starbucks in North Carolina waiting for our plane.

A grandma...a toddler...a mom & an infant were standing behind us.

The infant started to fuss.

The a sweet cuddly voice said....

"If you don't stop I'm gonna whip your a**"

Yes people!! She said that to that sweet baby in the cart!!! Can you believe that? 3 out of the 4 of us sitting at the table heard it. We looked at each we really just hear that? Nu uh!! And then...I just couldn't control myself...I laid my head down on the table &  died laughing!!!!

I have NEVER in my life heard someone talk to a baby like that...and especially in such a sweet enduring voice!!

Not sure if that is common in North Carolina...but ReAlLy?!?!?!

Ok...just a little interesting story that happened to me last week. I's not really funny to talk to a baby like that...but you just had to be there.


  1. That was too funny because I don't know what I expected you to say but that wasn't it :o) made me laugh.

  2. I used to say that to Ashtyn and Caleb all the time, so no big deal.....

  3. I can't believe she said that. Prayerfully it isn't common there. I sure wasn't expecting you to say that, I was prepared for sweetness!!

  4. oh, I have heard that many times in our WMart. So sad. It just makes me cringe to hear women talk like that to their sweet babes.

  5. I know Beth! That is why it caught us all off guard so much that we just started to laugh because I could not believe what I just heard her say. It was unreal!!!

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... Terrible. I don't think I've ever seen your eyes so big before you died laughing :)

  7. I recently started reading your blog and love hearing about your daily life. You have a beautiful family.

    This post today made me laugh at loud! That had to be so funny, I can't believe someone would talk like that to a baby! A grandma no less!

    Sonya R.

  8. I think I just woke Easton up because I was laughing so hard :) Wow.


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