Thursday, May 6, 2010

HBTU! Marilyn!!

Happy Birthday to Marilyn!! Marilyn is Matt's stepmom and today we are gonna celebrate her! Marilyn...aka...Grandma a lot of fun. They built a house several years ago and one of her main thoughts do we make it kid friendly? They made enough room upstairs for all six grandkids to feel comfortable & welcome! They have a foosball table...books...a Wii...all kinds of stuff up there for them to play with!! She enjoys it when all the family is there and always cooks up some good food for us! 

One thing I admire about Marilyn is she helps in the Stephens ministry at their church. She mentors other women and guides them in their relationship with Christ. God comes first in her life & she seeks to glorify Him daily. I know she prays for my kids & our family also. I appreciate that she loves our family & puts God first. I am very blessed to have 2 mom n laws in my life. WE hope you are blessed on this day just like you bless us! 

We love you Grandma Thomason!! 
Happy Birthday to you!!


  1. It's a beautiful thing to see someone show such honour... happy celebrating!

  2. What a sweet post!! It's wonderful, not only that you love her so much, but that you would share that love with everyone!! You are a great dil


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