Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday!!

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Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

I have survived 2 days of working full time!

Our church staff...several of them have braved the cold
& took the time out of their day to come to Jaden's 
playoff games this week. I appreciate their support 
more than they know!!

Jaden's team has won every game & they are going 
to the Championship game this Saturday!!
We are soo excited!!

My MIL brought me some pecans when they 
came to Jaden's game last night, so I can
make my annual spiced pecans again!
Can you believe how expensive those NUTS
are? I mean really?

My mom, that anytime I need her to help out
she always pitches in to pick up a kid or take them
somewhere for me.

FFA...I am seeing Lauren blossom so much thru 
this program.

My husband...that he makes the bed every morning,
just something simple he does to bless me.

God's word & how He leads me. 

What are you Joyful about this week? 


  1. I am filled with joy at the overwhelming goodness of our God!

    Thanks Steph for this great post that put a huge smile on my face!

  2. Aren't Moms just such a GIFT!!! and way to go Matt! Serious points there!! LOL

    congrats to Jaden! Can't wait to hear how the game goes this weekend :)
    GO RAMS!!

  3. Great list! Thank you for sharing. My husband makes the bed, if we don't make it together.

  4. Yay for mom and Matt!! You are so blessed!! Congrats to Jaden and his team. Love your JOY!!

    Love you

  5. Go Jaden!! What great things to be joyful for!!

  6. Steph,

    I'm joyful for You. You have been such a blessing. I don't know what I would do without you. You are such a great example and I look up to you greatly. I'm excited to see how our small group grows and becomes more like Christ.

    I love you and am SO blessed that you're apart of my life.

  7. Joyful for a rainy day off work to read while it rains- incredible blessing I needed so much.


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