Saturday, November 6, 2010

Put Your Big Girl Panties On...I'm Trying!!

Yes...yes...I have been spoiled over the years not to work full time...
For almost 14 years I have managed to only work park time.
(outside the home atleast because we all know being a
mom/ a full time job in itself)

That all comes to an end on Monday...
(said in a weepy voice)

Mrs. Thomason will be Rockin the Kindergarten Class
until Christmas break...Dec. 17th as their teacher is having
a baby & she will be gone for 6 weeks!

But seriously...I am excited to be around the other
ladies I will be working with...they are a fabulous team!
It is an amazing opportunity for me spread Jesus love!

I have meal planned until Dec. 17th. Lots of crock pot ideas!
I have rallied the troops at home & told them it's time to step it up!

I want to apologize if I don't blog or get to visit your blog
as much during this time. Time management is my word for
the next 6 weeks. Somethings have just gotta give so I don't
loose my mind.

If you see the Thomason children...& they look abused...
unclothed or wearing the same outfit because their
mom didn't do laundry...unfeed...(HA) give them some love.
If you come to my house & it is dirty....just give me a hug
& say "Bless Your Heart."
If I look tired & stressed or snap your head off...I'm sorry.

NO really...I am a little anxious about it all, but I know God
has provided this job for me at the right time. We try hard
to live debt free & this will allow us to get thru
Christmas & bdays & save a little at the same time. So for
that...I am incredibly grateful.

I know some of you work full time & you are rolling your
eyes & saying..."put your big girl panties on & deal with it"
Well...that is what I'm doing...I am slipping one leg in at a

I'm asking for prayers from you all. I know you will do that!

Do you work full time? Any Hints on managing the Home life?


  1. Hey Girl! I'll be praying for you! It IS such a big transition!! Sounds like you have a good head start (meal planning through the middle of December... YOU GO GIRL!!).

    I've been working part time since Mar of 08. Thankfully, my company lets us put in our availability and they schedule us around that (how great is that??). I have been working more a) now that the kiddos are back in school and b) we have some financial goals we would like to hit by June of 2011... to enable us to take even another step in 'ministry.' It's hard at times, because you just can't have pajama day if you feel like it, but God is faithful and gives the strength for the tasks at hand. Have FUN with the kinders!!

  2. i am just going to go ahead and say 'bless your sweet little heart!" I will be praying for you Steph - I know that God will equip you with the energy and stamina you need.

    love to you!

  3. I will be praying for you for sure! I know God will provide ALL you and Matt need! On the days you are struggling just remind yourself there is an end and you will be back @ home SOON and that this too shall pass :) It truly is a gift and a blessing for all of you and I know the kids will love you and be so blessed by you! What a fun time you get to be with them too :)

    Love you! and Bless your heart! ;) You can do ALL THINGS through Christ Steph because HE will strengthen day at a time!!

  4. Can't wait to see you there! You will be awesome and I know the kids love you. I'll try to check in on Jaden and make sure you fed him :) You are amazing and I know you'll do just fine...

  5. I am struggling with that right now. I have no time to blog. I am sad but yet that is the one thing that has to take a back seat for the moment. I miss everyone terribly and can't wait to get back into it. Not sure when though. Crock pot meals are the best. Good luck with the job :)

  6. God bless. I believe you will do well, and the kids will love you. My daughter graduates in Dec. with a teaching degree. Student teaching right now.

  7. Steph.. working is hard no matter what stage of life you're in.. somethings always gotta give. You'll do great and those are the months that seem to fly the quickest! Would love to know some of your favorite Crockpot meals when you get back to part time/free time :-)


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