Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jaden's Fan Club

Jaden's team had their last season game on Saturday & all 6 of 
his grandparents were able to make the game! Yea!!!
Now it's playoff week...

My kids love when their grandparents take the time to 
come see them. As many of you know my parents live
on the same block as us so we get to see them 
on a regular basis which has been such an
enormous blessing for my kids & I.

Matt's parents live about an hour & half away so we
see them about 4 times a year
& sometimes we get the opportunity to see
them a few other times.

When it comes down to it...our family
should be our "fan club" so to speak.
When the world knocks you down
come home & know you have someone
who believes in you...listens to you, loves you
 & is ready to cheer you on. 

I'm thankful for 6 people in my kids lives that we call
Grandparents (& Nana & Papa)...that love my kids &
 we know we can always count on them to cheer us on. 

Do you live close to your Family
 & are they involved in
your kids lives? 
How involved are you as a Grandparent in your 
Grandkids lives? 

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  1. That is so awesome. My parents are at my kids events...but the Inlaws do not live close enough. Sad about that


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