Monday, November 1, 2010

Fighter Pilot, Flapper, A Ninja & Marilyn Monroe??

Jaden has wanted to be an Air Force fighter pilot for quite awhile now...
(and yes his mother is still praying about that one!)
When it comes time to decide what he wants to be for Halloween...
I always get the same thing every year...a fighter pilot...but you see,
his mom is way to cheap to pay for one of those pilot suits at the
TASM that he saw on a trip out there. (Tulsa Air & Space Museum)
So she looks & looks for one...but it's never a "real one" according to
Jaden. Finally this year...I was worn down...& gave in to the over
 priced jumpsuit, Drove him out there...& guess what??..
it was 20% off...HA! SCORE!

But the helmet was cheesey that came with it, pretty much for a toddler.
Therefore I bought him some Top Gun sunglasses from Wal-Mart & a
Black hat with an American flag to wear instead...little did I know...God
was about to make his dreams come true on Sunday...he does that you know?

While visiting with a new couple at our church after service on
Sunday we learn that Rob is a fighter pilot...WHAT?
And he has an old helmet & gear he offered to let Jaden wear...
Seriously, I have never talked to this man before...& the one
Sunday I Halloween...the day Jaden needs this information!!!

And there ya have it...Jaden is sporting a real F16 fighter pilot helmet
 & gear around his waist. The suit is from TASM. Yep....
take a look at that boy because he will be looking like that in
about 10 years full time...sniff sniff...says his mom.
I'm so proud of him though for wanting to serve our country. 
And now we have Brooke the sassy Flapper Girl...Sooo her.
NO big story here...just Target.
Oh poor Lauren...stuck in between wanting to trick or treat but
not dress up & be with the familypoint in her life.
She sported this t-shirt that said...Budget Ninja Costume...$5.
So I guess on what I over spent on Jaden...
I saved on Lauren...Doesn't that justify it? U bet!

WE have our favorite neighborhoods to trick or treat, but we have a few stops we have to make each parents are always on that list! They give us the good candy!!

Ms. Shirley is always fun to visit with...:)
The Crammers give us full size candy bars...we love them!

And this crazy lady is something else...her kids go to school with 
mine & God just placed her in my life last night as a little
reminder that I need to show his love to everyone & relax
a little. We have spent time together on occasion 
thru the years with sports, FFA & school.
Our boys ended up walking around 
together, she smoked, cussed...& I'm pretty sure there was 
something extra in that QT cup of hers...but you know
she is so funny & enjoys life.  I take life to serious 
& I need to remember to HAVE MORE FUN & not
be so judgemental & step out of my comfort zone!!
(Not that I'm gonna smoke, cuss & drink People!! )
And I really didn't care if someone from church
saw us hanging with Marilyn Monroe. 
Her daughter is in Lauren's small group at church
& I just pray a seed is being planted in 
their lives from our family.
Rubbing Shoulders as our pastors puts it. was a crazy fun time for us!
God always teaches me a lesson when I least expect it!
How about you...How was your Halloween?


  1. They look adorable and I am sooo thrilled for Jaden :) God is sooo awesome !!!!!

    Loving people like you do Steph with God in you will lead them the Christ far better than standing in Judgement! I know GOD is using you in soo many ways and this was just a small example :)

    You bless me sooo and I know you bless the Lord unbelievably!

  2. They all look great!! I love the budget Ninja!! So glad Jaden got the costume he wanted and was blessed by the guy at church!! God is so awesome, even in the small things!!

    I know what you mean about rubbing shoulders!! Your life will plant the seed in her!! Being Jesus to people is the way to go!! Loving no matter what!!

    You are a beautiful lady my friend!!

  3. What a fun time and huge score for Jaden!! I know what you mean about the rubbing shoulders thing, I need to do more of that!

  4. Rubbing shoulders is the best witness sometimes. Love the costumes. Cute.


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