Friday, November 19, 2010

Saving Bambi...

I was in the kitchen fixing (as we Okies say) supper...
& I hear screaming & yelling in my front yard.

I knew Lauren was out on a walk with our dog Summer
so I instantly knew something wasn't right.

I bolted out the front door to hear Lauren saying...
"The dogs have a deer"...Ummm...what?
I glanced over & to my amazement...
Yep, the other 2 dogs sure did have a deer.


So I did what any good blogger would do...
I ran back inside to get my camera so I could
share this picture with you....

Took the pic & began the wrestling match with my lab to make
her let go of the deer. Meanwhile, Lauren is screaming at the dog..
throwing bologna at her & it is total chaos at my house. 

Seriously I could have won a million bucks (haha...pun intended)
if someone would have video the shear madness that erupted 
at my house in a matter of 10 minutes. 

Finally Mazi let go of the deer...and it went a little crazy to say
the least! It keep trying to jump  over our fence and almost knocked it over!
Lauren grabbed a landscape timber & corralled it toward our gate 
because it couldn't jump over the fence...while I am holding a 90lb 
lab back who is desperately trying get the deer. 

Eventually the deer makes it out the gate & runs off & all is well.
I felt like I had just entered a WWF wrestling match. 
Lauren calmed down & recovers from the traumatic event.

I really can't believe my dogs caught that deer...WOW!

While driving home the other night a couple of deer ran in front 
of us by our house...pretty sure it was Bambi. 
(that's what we named it)
Thank you Jesus for Lauren seeing them alive now my little animal
lover can have peace knowing we saved the deer for sure!!

Bambi Lives...You just never know what the day will bring do you?


  1. LOL!! I totally had a whole mental picture going on in my head while reading that post! ;)
    So glad that deer ran off to safety!
    Fun memories for sure. :)

  2. THIS IS THE CRAZIEST thing I HAVE EVER HEARD of. SERIOUSLY! Unbelieveable! I am so glad you went in to get your camera for proof! Wow. Unreal.

  3. Oh, my goodness! I can NOT believe this! How wild is that? I am so glad that the deer was OK. That news helped my heart quit pounding!

  4. OK this is cracking me up! You are tooo funny and totally blog-minded! LOL I LOVE IT!! I had to read this out loud to Brian!

    That really is amazing your dog caught it!! I am sooo glad you saved the poor deer ;)

    Hope you week was good! I have thought about you so much and whispered a prayer when I do!

  5. WOW, your dog must be fassssst!

    Bailey our dog actually sits quietly and watches the deer in our yard most days, kinda neat, huh?

  6. How crazy is that! Glad you got a pic. :)


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