Monday, November 29, 2010


Jaden went Duck hunting for the first time last week while we 
were in Stillwater. Can I tell you how excited this boy was to go?

And look at this...11 ducks. WOWzers!

He & his cousin Josiah shot these ducks (with the help of their dads) 

I just love seeing him do things that bring him JOY.
And then they had to dress all of them...
not with a real dress! HA!
My SIL took them home & will have a nice
dinner out of all of these!

Does your boys like to hunt? 


  1. My husband is not a hunter. He's a golfer... But both my sons-in-law are bigtime hunters. Mostly deer, but they will hunt anything!

  2. Jantzen and Brian went hunting and OH my goodness they were like little boys when they returned telling us all about it :)Love seeing them having a good bonding time together and being macho LOL

    Love you! So glad we got to chat the other day! You just bless me sooo much!

  3. Are you kidding??!! Hubby (pastor) LOVES to deer, moose,been on one elk hunt, and has been on a boar hunt to Texas.Our 3 kids LOVE to hunt....boys live in Virginia now (even dgt-in-law hunts), and our dgt here in Ontario loves to hunt with her Dad!! (She shot a 6 point with her bow when she was 16!)They use guns (rarely) but prefer long bows, recurve, and girls cross bow. ME???? My excuse is I can't afford to have another in the fam hunt!!! So I'll go out once in a while with a blind enjoying a thermos of tea and a good book! And I've been on 2 moose hunts WAY up north of here.....and love it!! I love the freezer being full of the best meat around! Bonnie (the hunters wife!!!)

  4. Omgosh they did so good. How cool to be so successful the first time. That is awesome! We just feed those crazy ducks stale hunting yet for my little guy.


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