Monday, November 22, 2010


Yep...that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving. 

Not just any old stuffing...MY MOMs.

I don't know her recipe & I don't think she even has it written down.
We must change that!
But every year it is my favorite part of the meal.
I can already taste it now.
We will be in Stillwater so I will have to wait for leftovers.
Which my mom has strict instructions to save me some!
She  spoils me like that. :) 
I am her favorite you know.
OK not really, but I like to think I am. 

How about you?
 What part of the meal do you look forward too?


  1. I know mama Stout's dressing is probably good, but I bet my mom's could compete! ;) Sadly, I have to wait for my mom's dressing until Christmas.

  2. Oh gosh, that stuffing looks FABULOUS!!!!! YES, you must write it down as she makes it sometime Steph! What a treasure! I am the one who has all of my nanas's secret and famous recipes! It totally skipped my mom and came to me!! LOL I just can't tell you what gift it is to make those "special" foods that not just anyone can make but that everyone LOVES!!


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