Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Place is definitely something to CELEBRATE!!!

Before the game most the moms circled up & prayed together.
We invited the other team to pray with us...but no one showed.
I could barely get thru the prayer without tears...
my emotions were high & my nerves were even higher.
A fabulous group of ladies who work well together to
make Football a fun...spirited experienced for their sons.
Thank you to each of you for your leadership!

We are the Owasso Rams in our hometown. And they 
brought out the big helmet the HS team uses for the boys
to run out onto the field...they love this. 
The Boys Of Fall needs to be playing.
They boys walk out onto the field for the coin toss holding hands...
# 66 is my boy.
 So I wanted to show off my "Mad Sign Decorating Skills"
I know you are so impressed huh? :) We made signs for the 
boys that hung along the fence. It's amazing what
you can do with Glitter & tissue paper!
 We knew the game would be a tough one for us
and in the end the other team won. A few tears were
shed but as they were handed their huge 2nd place 
trophies...smiles appeared on their faces. 2nd place
out of 67 teams that is something to celebrate!!!

But the best part of the day was this picture right here...
Both teams prayed together on the field after the game.
You would be surprise the response this moment created 
on the INFC Forum where people chat about the games. 
 Congrats Owasso RED 4th Grade!! 
 Proud Dad & Coach
 Of course Nana & Papa were there to CHEER!
 Grandma & Grandpa Thomason too!
Head Coach Peterson & his son Hayden 
So we wrap up another season of Football. It's a long season!
I am excited to have my boy & husband home at night
during the week. 
And did you see me in any of those pics? 
dadgummitt!!! Why do I do that?
I take them all & never get in them!!! 
Oh well..:)


  1. 2nd place is AWESOME!! Congrats to Jaden and Matt and all the boys Steph! That is awesome and what a wonderful experience...just like the big boys! How COOL!

  2. Congrats! How awesome about praying after the game :) As much fun as that was, I am sure you are ready for a little normalcy at home now!!


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