Tuesday, November 30, 2010

God moment

Ever had one of those times?

I know we all have...most of us more than once!

I had one on Friday morning while shopping.

I have been wrestling with a situation in my life.

Tears shed...heartache...worry.

Last week I specifically prayed God would give me peace.

I asked him to set up an appointment for me.

I didn't know when it would happen or where.

Just knew he would do it in His timing.

I was nervous at first...then just let it go.

And that's when it happened...when I let him handle it.

It went better than I had planned in my head.

Of course...why am I so surprised?

Walked away with a peace I hadn't felt in months.

Thank you Jesus for always providing for me.

For your Sovereign Power over my life.

You always know better than me...

Do you have something you are wrestling with in your heart?

Ever had  a God moment where you know without a doubt He
specifically placed you in a position at the exact time He had already

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  1. Awesome. He is El Elyon, our Soverign God. Thanks for sharing what He is doing in your life!


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