Monday, April 18, 2011

WOMMM? The little things...

What's on MY Mind Monday? Do you Like that WOMMM?'s the little things & how God blesses your life with "little" wants .

Do you remember me introducing you to these cute little things?

Well on Thursday our heat lamp went out & only Pippi survived.
Can you say broken hearted? Oh Lauren was so so sad. She cried for
awhile. She loved that little Charlie...I was only a week, but that's
my animal loving girl. Brooke was happy that hers survived & Jaden just
said...Oh man. Yea...really tore him up.

We called all over town & looked online to get some more of these
Easter Egg laying chickens.
No luck. No one will have any until June or July...:(
I felt so bad...these kids have wanted these things for a long time.
The funny thing is Matt went & bought some regular chicks that looked like
the ones that died & we almost had them fouled into thinking they were their
chicks...but we couldn't do that!! Lauren was like...I KNEW IT!!

On Sunday at church, I was speaking to one of our young couples,
just happened to seethem as I was going out the door & wanted to stop
& chat with their baby.
Some how...the chickens were brought up. AND guess what?? He had
some Easter Egg laying chickens!! OH MY SAKES!! Are you serious??
I had no IDEA!

So we went to his house that afternoon & got 5 more baby chicks!!
Lauren said..."mom I can't believe you are so excited about these chickens?"
Me: I'm not excited to have more chickens necessarily...but I am excited that
you are seeing how God loves you so much that He stops me at church & has
me go have a conversation with this couple & we find out they have these
EEC...that's why I am so excited. GOD LOVES to show us HE loves US!!

It's the Little things He does sometimes that just overwhelms me with His
love. Thank you Jesus for having your hand in every part of our lives!!

Have a little "want or desire" He has blessed you with lately?


  1. How sad they died, but how cool God provided you with more!!

  2. I love how God is our provision. Always!


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