Monday, April 25, 2011

WOMMM? Forgiven...

What a weekend we had...

I have so much to share with you this week but the one thing
 that is on my mind the most is this moment...
We have been praying for over 20 years for this moment. Glory To GOD!
I'm still in tears as I type. He came to Matt on Saturday & told him he was
ready to make a change in his life & new it had to start with Jesus. 
I just want to sing that song. 

Greg's life has recently been turned upside down thru some financial decisions.
Things are very rough to say the least. But I don't think we need to talk about 
all of that. Through all of this God has worked on him & brought him to his 
knees & to the one place Greg needed to be...the one place we all need to be,
the thrown of GOD.

Please pray for my BIL. This will not be easy for him. He is facing tons of
obstacles in his life. Pray for my sister also...this has been very hard on her
to go thru & is very weak right now. I pray they both cling to Christ & to 
His word. Matt gave him a bible to equip him with his sword. 

I pray this gives you encouragement also. If you are praying for someone in
your life that you desire to see come to Christ. DON'T GIVE UP! Keep praying!
You never know when God will move in their lives!! Or they will open up
their hearts to allow Him to move into their lives!

The whole Gang...

One of many EXCITING things that happen this weekend. 
We had a fantastic weekend celebrating our Saviors Victory!!

Is there someone in your life I can be praying for? 
Again...Don't ever give up!!


  1. Hooray! I am speechless, and in awe!! How awesome!!

  2. Awesome! I love how God pursues us!

  3. h my goodness Steph! I know you've been praying for them for so long! This makes my heart so full tonight!


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