Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dyeing Eggs...let the creative juices flow!

When we dye eggs it's like a little art competition going on. My kids & nieces really
get into it. I love it that they still want to dye eggs. Wondering how long we will
want to do this, but I'm gonna soak it in until they more.

A few samples from everyone...I love the tie dye ones.

Then we have the annual Egg Toss...their favorite part.

And Splat! Goes the Egg...Jaden was COVERed in Egg Yoke!
The YOkes On U....hahaha

But my all time favorites...these 2. My niece is getting married June 10.
So we had a little fun with her ring.

EGGcellent times!!!

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  1. i love to dye eggs and have a good time with my girls and grandchildren!


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