Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Art

We recently redecorated our floors, couch...etc.

Our living room has a lot of space on one wall. I have really been
struggling on what to put up there. I didn't want any old decoration.
I wanted something that reflected us as a family. Something that we
could keep up for years.

I started to think...what could we make that we could use our family
verse with? Which is Galatians 6:9

Now..non of us are Picassos or anything so I was worried.
What if it turned out hideous & then I had to put this silly thing up on
my wall! YIKES!

I bought 6 canvas boards from Hobby Lobby & paint the color of my
living room & commissioned the kids & hubby to come up with a design
and they each had to paint one canvas.

I have to tell you...I WAS SHOCKED!! My kids are little Picassos!!
WHO KNEW!?!??! They did so fabulous. I LOVE IT!!

So I thought I would share with you...maybe I can inspire you to do
some family art soon...I will keep this forever!!!

and my wall isn't orange...took this with my iphone so the 
quality isn't great.

So...I wrote the scripture & the family...on the left is the kids...
Jaden on top, Brooke in the middle & Lauren on the bottom. Matt is on the
 top right & mine on the bottom. 

I walk by it & stare at it all the proud of my entire family!!
Family Art....loving it. 


  1. Love it!!! I love that each of you contributed. It's a fabulous idea and it turned out great!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love it.


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