Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Digs = Personalites

I always say my kids outfits that they pic for the first day of school & Easter
reflect their personalities. Jaden of course doesn't really care...I just bring home
a shirt & a pair of shorts & we are done! He is simple. Gone are the days
of matching & frilly little dresses....sniff sniff.

My precious kiddos on Easter...
Ok...this is how they really act! Goofballs!!

Now for a more serious pose...for their mom.
Notice Lauren's boots. Gotta have the boots. And Brooke...that girl
loves her dress & flowers in her hair. 

Love seeing them all dressed up to celebrate our Savior!
They make this mom proud serving at church! 
Can't wait to check out all of your families pics!

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  1. Wow jadon and Brooke look like twins!! And Lauren looks like her Daddy! All soooo cute!
    Would you believe I didn't get any pics of my kids this year on Easter? I'm so terrible about that stuff while my head and heart are being poured into finishing this house over the next few weeks! Gotta paint and glaze and do the landscaping!! Then first of June we are IN!!!!! I'll get Mothers Day pics!! ;-)
    Anyway, ca-yute kiddos! I gotta get me a pair of boots like that! I want a pair!


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