Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday! Count your JOYS PEOPLE!!
Last week...I tried something new.
I didn't like it.
So it's back!!

WhY AM I filled with JOY this week?'s the week we celebrate Jesus Christ Raising 
from the dead & saving us from our sinful lives!
(not that we don't celebrate every day)

Dying Easter Eggs. It's a tradition for the young 
& old around here. My kids get very creative with this event.

My sister & her family are coming!

My niece had her appendix out & she is recovering well.

I started working full time this week...not gonna lie...
I am exhausted, but I love the ladies I work with.

I am taking a Photoshop class online. WOW!

Lauren had to get contacts...bless her heart!

Lauren already broke up with her boyfriend.
LOL!! I have loved our conversations about it.

Even in the midst of trials...our GOD Reigns.

Hope...the hope of our Lord & Savior & how much 
He loves us. He has washed away our sins & made us
set us free!

Have a JOYFUL day!!!

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  1. I always love Count it All Joy Wednesdays, too! Thank you so much for the post. I'll try to get my done tonight, but not sure it's going to happen!


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