Monday, April 11, 2011

What's on MY Mind Monday???

It was a CrAzY busy weekend...

How Amazing Jesus is...Shopping...bridal showers...cupcakes...wind... my response
isn't always what people are looking for....blah blah

I am always reminded of how I am NOT a shopper. A few hours & I'm
ready to take a Nap or go home. Seriously...I know...I'm just not a Shopper.

BUT...because I'm an awesome aunt...**wink** I went to the Mall on Friday night.
Can't remember the last time that shop for bridesmaids dresses for my
niece's wedding in June. We had fun...but didn't find the dresses that night.

On Saturday we had Danielle's shower....I can't believe she is old enough to be
 married. I love that girl. Had a great turnout & I am telling u...I ate way to many
of these cupcakes...
The Bride....

You know...I'm learning I'm not someone who can hide their response very well 
or hide it if I'm totally upset with you or annoyed with you. I try really hard, but 
there are times when people say things to me....that totally shock me & I know I 
don't respond the way they want. I don't know if I should apologize or just say...'s how I am. hmmm....

My garden...I have all my veggies in the ground. My sweet HBL built boxes for 
me this year. I LOVE THEM!! Pics to come.

This is probably my last Free Monday until school is out...that kinda makes me 

Matt preached about... is Jesus Amazing to you or are you Amused by Him? 
Great message on remembering to be Amazed by HIM. 

My sister is really on my heart. Please pray for her & her family. Lots going on there
in their world. She is so precious to me. 

It's so stinkin windy here! Come on already!

Tracking Weigh Watchers points....hard to remember, but necessary!! 

Have a great MONDAY!!

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  1. Girl, you got a lot on your mind! haha!

    Wish I could have heard your husbands sermon - sounds amazing... that's also what I think about Jesus! He is AMAZING!


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