Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Me & My Gang...Living Life.

I'm taking a little break from Why I count it all JOY Wednesday. I don't
know why. I just don't know if I will continue that theme. Been thinking about
changing my thoughts on Wednesday since all I do is talk about my family
& life here in the Thomason Household in my JOYS. I thought I would just
title it different. Who knows...maybe I will keep it. Maybe I won't. :)

How are we living life this week?'s happen...Lauren came home & asked if she could have a boyfriend. I think
we have managed pretty good since she is 14 hasn't had one yet. Matt & talked to her
quite a bit about it & decided she could "school date", but there would be no going
& doing anything & such. We didn't want to tell her "no" because I know when you
do that...they might do it behind your back & that my friend is not what you want.
So we will see, not sure how this will go. Any advice from you seasoned parents?

See these little eggs? Every year I buy ferns for my porches & these cute little babies
appear. EVERY year. Isn't God cool how he makes these creatures? I mean they can
build a house out of twigs & trash! It amazes me!!

 And these peeps! We now have 3 more chicks!! 
A gentleman from our church brought these over to my kids this weekend.
Meet Charlie, Pippy, Zipper
We know have 8 chickens. :) 

I am waiting patiently for the teacher that I am subbing for 
to have that baby boy!! Come on already sweet little man!
But I will enjoy my time until he comes. 

Lauren won an award at our Ovations Banquet. 
It's a banquet honoring our Youth & Early Childhood  Volunteers
She won it for creating a team that goes up early on Wednesday nights
& sets up chairs. SO SO proud of my girl!!! 
Owning that faith!!

My PW friend Joy...she is becoming one of my BFFs in life. 

In One month...I will be in Nashville with all my PWs. 
I. Can't. WAIT!!!

We are hooked on a few reality being Survivor.
We sit & watch it together.
Who do you want to win?
Yes...I am a Rob fan. 
I do like that poor Matt on Exile Island too.

The girls are heading to a mission trip to our Church camp this weekend
 to help prepare it for camp this summer. We will go get them
& then see my niece off to her prom in Joplin. 
can't wait!! 

So this is just a few things that's going on with
Me & my Gang. 

How about yours?


  1. LOVE it when little bird eggs come and you get to watch the birth, growth and then see them fly away! Sooo cool! Love those baby chicks! SOOO CUTE

    Yep, you are lucky and love that she asked and shared with you! You all are doing an awesome job with her...with all of your kids!

    We don't watch survivor but I just saw the other day that Rob was back on the show ...I like him too!!!


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