Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's on my Mind Monday???

Yep...that's the question you have all been asking yourself..
A DAY LATE...yea get over it! I was busy...kinda
What is on Steph's mind today....uh huh right?

My garden...our dirt is looking so much better this year.
The last few years it's been hard & clumpy.

How my "free" days are coming to an end...:( I start my maternity
leave in Kindergarten soon. Mixed emotions...

Shoveling...how such a simple thing can make you so SORE!! GEEZ!!

Integrity...seems hard to find in people sometimes.

Going to baby showers for girls that were in our youth group when we first
came 14 years ago...they are such good moms. So blessed to be a part of their lives.

Lack of Sleep...I feel like I could go to bed & sleep a day or two. But I can't sleep
in like I used too...my bones start hurting. Getting old...isn't easy.

How hard it is for me to resist sweets. I am making better choices, but I have to
pray & give it to GOD every single minute of the day.

Watching my HBL preach on Sunday mornings & how preacher man comes out
in him...he gets so into it. Spirit filled life!

Resume...I am turning in one for a full time job this week...for the first time in years.
SCARED...excited...terrified....praying for God's will. More on that when I can talk about it.

It's warm it's cold...it's warm it's cold. Never know what to wear!

Wind...it is blowing like a hair dryer across Oklahoma.

Jesus loves me this I know...

So that's about all I want to let you in on for now. I pray you all have
a great week!

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  1. Ummm.....think we need to go have lunch and you fill me in ;) lot's going on in your world!!

    Matt has always been one of my FAVORITE PASTORS!! Spirit filled fo sho!

    H.a.t.e. t.h.e. w.i.n.d.!!!

    One day at a time Steph...God is doing a mighty thing in you! I know you are going to be able to help and encourage others in their journey just as you have already!!


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