Friday, April 8, 2011

Becoming Less

Can you say...Roller Coaster? Yep that's what I feel like.

Up one hill...down the other....up again...down again.

Last week I didn't get to weigh in...but I just couldn't stand it.

So I bought a scale the next day...yes I did not own a scale.

Weighed myself last said...up 3 pounds compared to the
WW scale...WHAT?? Of course I knew it could be a little off so I wasn't to
freaked out. Last night I weighed in at WW & it said I was 1lb up from 2 weeks
ago. I came home & weighed & my scale was only .4 off of the WW scale.
Soooo....needless to say. Last week I was obviously up like I guessed...probably
like a little over 2 pounds... Which means I lost those 2 pounds this week, that I had
previously gained the week before. Are you following this...because I'm lost myself.
HA! Anyway...the scale does not really need to be the topic here so let's move ON.

I have to share a little victory I had. DOnuts. Yes those yummy cakey circles with
holes in the middle. I could really eat a whole dozen Krispie Kremes. On Tuesday
they had a breakfast at work with egg casserole...fruit & DONUTS. An entire
box of them. I grabbed one & took just a few bits & I was done. Seriously.
And let me tell ya...they put that box with about 6 donuts left on the counter next
 to me & it sat there & sat there all day & that sweet aroma almost got to me again.
But I do not have power over me! And I did NOT eat another one all day.
I know this sounds so silly to some of you. But this is BIG for me. Normally I would have
probably not only had one...I would have had 2 or even 3.

God is working on me with this sweet tooth issue. I can feel it coming on at certain parts of the
day. Take for example...after work. I used to come home & plop in front of the TV &
eat a ding dong & a Dr. Pepper or anything chocolate & a Dr. Pepper. I did...I promise!
And it was like a moment in paradise for me. Too put it was like a make out
session with my love...kinda sad huh!!  I have managed to stop drinking Dr. Pepper pretty much.
 I only have it occasionally & you know doesn't do for me what it
used to at all. Infact, it kinda makes me sick at my stomach. I stopped drinking it when
we started running. It just weighed me down. Instead I am either not having a snack or
picking something healthy.
Another time of the day is after supper....growing up I always had a little dessert after dinner
& I think it's just a habit that I have carried on into adulthood. So I bought some Dove Dark
Chocolate little bites & they are 1 point. I allow myself to have one when I am craving
something sweet. Now the former Steph would eat about 3 or 4 of them in secret.

One verse that I keep saying this week is...
For he satisfies the thirsty & fills the hungry with good things. Ps107:9

He alone can satisfy my emptyness...nothing else. I have said no to several things this
week & I can see Him filling me with His goodness.

It's really hard for me to become less. I am prideful. So that is my week. I feel
like I had a good week & I am looking foward to what He will do thru this journey
in the next week.

HOw about you? Do you have a certain time of the day that triggers your eating?
How do you keep it from taking over you?

He must become Greater...I must become less. John 3:30

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  1. Oh girl, sweets are my problem too! I like sweets when I'm exhausted. I almost use it as my "coffee" for the day. If there's free chocolate I never say no. I'm really trying to watch this because I know eating a lot of sugar isn't healthy for my body and I'm doing it when I totally know better.


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