Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday so join me & my friend Angel as 
we count our JOYS!

Why Do I Count It all JOY this Week?

I'm still filled with JOY over my BIL coming
to Christ & being baptized Saturday night!!

All the JOYFul volunteers at FCC Sunday morning...
even when they are standing in the pouring rain holding an umbrella
over our guests heads & they are getting wet.

I met with some of my PWs on Skype last night.
I'm so blessed to have them in my life & they 
fill me up.

SPeakinG of PWs...less than 2 weeks & we are all
hanging in NASHVILLE. I seriously can't wait!!

The ladies I work with in Kindergarten.
I wouldn't survive without them!!

Though I am ready for you to stop...I know we need you
to make the flowers grow.

I saw this quote yesterday...
The Earth smiles thru flowers.
so true.

Twice this week someone has complimented
my daughters, not for their beauty or achievements, but for their
hearts & sweet spirits...warms this moms heart.
***now if they would show that love toward
each other at home***

Sleep...enough said.

State testing at school is finally here! 
Let's get this over with already!!

We watched the Passion of the Christ with the kids on Sunday night.
Brought a lot of conversation about Christ life.
It was so emotional to watch. I hadn't seen it in several years & to
watch my kids experience it was quite overwhelming.

I'm just JOYFUL that God loved me enough to send His Son
to die on a Cross & then raise Him from the dead 3 days later.
Somedays it just hits me how incredible He love is for us.

Never grow weary my friends of seeking Christ.

What brings you JOY this week?

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