Monday, August 9, 2010

Virtual Or Paper??? What's Proper?

I love getting mail...let me rephrase that...personal mail
(not bills or junk mail)

Whether it's virtual or lifts my spirit!
(I especially like paper)

To save money on postage & paper & send out mass invites a lot of people are using the or text to invite you to an event such as 

a baby shower

a wedding shower

a church event

a party

or any time of event really

I know my parents generation is having a hard time adjusting to this change. They feel it's a little less personal & think if you really want someone to come you should still send them something thru the post office. 

I am fine with it though..

there are many benefits...such as
one less piece of paper to keep up with
you always have the information at your fingertips
easy to RSVP.

Which brings me to another side of this...
What about a Virtual Thank You?
Do you think someone should send you a thank you in the mail or over the internet?

I know my parents generation...this is a No No...but to our generation it is becoming a more excepted response. 

What's your take on Virtual vs. Paper Invites?
Thank You's?
What's Proper?


  1. I always try and send a paper thank you, or at least a thank you email right away, then follow it up with a paper thank you. But either way is fine with me, I am not offended!

  2. I prefer paper thank yous as it shows you have taken the step to handwrite a personal notes of thanks and it lasts so much longer then a virtual one.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I've never done "proper" very well... but I def. think it depends on who it's going to... To someone of our 'parent's generation' we'd prolly better send something paper... but we can get away with a word of thanks via a FB message to people our age and younger...

  4. My mom asked me to post her response:

    Paper is proper but virtual is better than NOTHING.
    Nothing is not acceptable.
    Even a verbal thank you would be nice.
    At least let the giver know you appreciate their time, money and effort.

    I love my mom!! She is so upfront and honest!! She can't respond at work so she wanted me to let ya'll know how she feels!!

  5. I love getting mail too! Even if its virtual, but true be told...I am a little old fashioned so I would totally prefer mail in my mailbox! I enjoy walking down to get the mail especially around the's so fun and cheerful! :)
    But, I agree with your mom, a virtual response is a must over no thank you at all.

  6. I personally like to send actual cards. But truthfully don't mind if people never send me a thank you note or not. I saw them open it ... they told me thank you ... I could tell they meant it ... good enough for me.

    I'm a fan of most virtual communication. But my niece sent us a Facebook invite to her wedding. I was shocked and irritated. Hope a real one comes in the mail later. But in the end, it will go in the trash so it probably doesn't matter. :)

  7. Good question. I would be happy with a virtual thank you...because now a many people don't even send them out. Drives me crazy. i make my kids write out their thank yous from their birthdays all the time. I think it is so important to be thankful.
    I can't even count how many birthday parties the kids have been to that they have not gotten thank you cards for. ugh.

  8. I don't mind virtual invites, but I appreciate paper thank yous. I get a little frustrated when my girls are invited to birthday parties, but never receive a thank you. I guess I feel that if the parents can find the time to address an invitation and send it to us then they can make the time to send us a thank you note.

  9. doesn't really matter to me - either way is OK, but I would rather have paper. But virtual is ok too. I just kind go with the flow :)

  10. Seems to impersonal for a "Thank you card" to be virtual.
    That's my 2 cents for what its worth!

  11. hmmm, I prefer a paper thankyou and think its most meaningful but I am with your mom....virtual is better than nothing :) Nothing is unacceptable. My mom has ingrained(sp?) this into me and I have done the same to my kids. I pray that when they are on their own they will continue it !!


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