Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010-2011's official....I have an 8th, 6th & 4th grader as of yesterday...

Take a look at these good looking kids...
Their outfits fit their personalities to a T!
Lauren...8th grade...animal lover...not a girly girl...doesn't like drama...few close friends...
Brooke...6th grade...a little sassy...little more girly...fix my hair kinda girl...has a group of friends...
Jaden..4th player...acts like an old man...we call him Kidpa...few good friends..
I always take their picture in front of the school..Lauren refused...(I don't blame her) but as she got out of the car I rolled down the window & yelled...LAUREN...she turned around thinking she forgot something only to see me with my camera...I didn't get it in time..LOL!
Brooke will still let me take hers...
And here is Jaden's teacher...Mrs. Brothers...just for fun she let him hold the chicken...:) 
They all had great first days. Lauren's was a little rough...but I will blog about that some other time. Let's just say...being a Jr. high can be a tough time. We all remember that time period in our lives. Especially one who isn't willing to conform to the "typical" girl look & attitude. But I am praying her day is better today. I know God will honor her faithful heart. 

In our town once you hit 6th grade...each grade has it own building/Center. I like the separation! 
Lauren's 8th grade center has over 700 kids...Brooke's 6th grade class has 730 kids...WOW! That's a lot of kids in one grade! The difficult part is their schools are spread across our town and can be tricky when you are picking them up. But it's worth it to have them separated.

I hope your kiddos had a great first day. I met with a group of moms at our church & prayed for our kids...parents...teachers & churches to start our year off. I have to tell you...I treasured that time. I know GOd is gonna bless our children & guide them thru this year. 


  1. i love how you did this post for the first day of school. I might have to do that too. Good too know their personalities and more about your kids. They are adorable.
    First days of school are fun but can be tough.

  2. Love the pictures!!! I always took my kids pictures when they were in real school and I even do it homeschooling. When Drew started ORU, he thought I was nuts that I took his picture with his backpack before he left the first day!! LOL They will always be our babies.

    What a great day!!

    Love and Blessings

  3. Absolutely adorable! :) Loved how you included their personalities. So Sweet! You are blessed richly.

  4. Mrs. Brothers is awesome!! I'm in the room right next to her now, so I'm sure I'll see Jaden all the time. Hope Lauren had a much better day!!! We are dealing with some of that too. Kids are just mean!! Madi likes to just smile and think "someday I'll be your boss!" :)

  5. What precious babies you have....shh ~ don't tell them I used that word but you know what I mean ;)

    I hate the she had a bad day! Oh how I dislike 8th grade! Yes, it is awful and seems worse for girls! ah yi yi! plus, 8th grade parking lot is OMG! the worst one of all! Praying it gets better for her for sure!!

    Love and Hugs!

    p.s.! Can you change your account where I can reply to your comments?? LOL you know, just for me ;) it's real easy though! please!!


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