Monday, August 2, 2010

YQ: Worship & Wraping it all Up

Worship time each's another one of my favorite moments.

I love to watch 300 + kids lift our God in Praise & worship. 
The Spirit is moving...
He loves us...oh how He loves us....
Each night before Worship we gather around the tent and hang out...thru the can see the unity building among them...

Each morning we have devo time...I look forward to this all year. 
I know we can seek the Lord anywhere...but there is just something about His canvas in the mountains.

On Thursday is kinda their "reward" day...we take them to Breckenridge and they can shop & eat!
We all wear our YQ shirts which gives us an opportunity to witness to others. 
We are always stopped & asked about our shirts.
Here is our entire Group ready to go..
Matt & I
Ahh...been looking forward to this all week..
Just had to share this picture...It's Paul & Matt. 
Paul was Matt's youth minister. Paul was getting ready to speak that night & he & Matt were praying...I love this picture. It says so much.
Here is our Fabulous COOK TEAM!! They cook...without running water...electricity...and make the best meals EVER for over 300 people!! They work harder than anyone in the camp
Thanks so much for everything!!
And here was my view on the way home...just follow that white van...

Lives Changed...healed...revealed & united in Jesus.
The Message
Youth Quake 2010

The End. 


  1. Awesome! Although I don't want my kids to grow up... I can't wait for them to get to experience YQ! And for me to.... again... lol!!

  2. That is so awesome. I cannot wait for my kids to be in the youth group and experience God in that way. I remember being a youth and I loved retreats & the experience.

  3. The pic of Paul and Matt is awesome! I love the legacy you see in just a picture like that. :)
    Ryan brought his youth minister to our church over 5 years ago and we love doing life with them.

    Ministry blesses us in so many ways. :)


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