Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today is my Amazing Moms Bday!! 

Some of you don't know this...but she lives 2 houses down from's a blessing!!
(the 16 year old in me still says....huh?)

We are taking her to lunch with just the girls while we look for a wedding dress for my niece.

Then tonight I made her dinner and we will celebrate as a family.

My mom loves Jesus, my dad & her family. 
She is a hard worker...will do anything for you. 
She would literally hurt someone who messed with her kids/grandkids.
She didn't have it easy growing me. 
I know she is always there for me.
I love & admire her so much.
I am blessed to call her mom.

I love you mom...thanks for always being there for me thru it all. 
You are the best mom.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet momma! Hope you have a great day celebrating HER :)

    Love ya girly!


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