Friday, July 30, 2010

YQ: Princess Palace & happenings at the Campsite

I could really blog about 2 weeks on YQ and everything so I am going to cram another blog in today about my sleeping arrangements...aka "The Princess Palace." See...I've been to YQ 18 times now...I know what to expect and what to bring. I have an official list that gets passed around every year & I am tellin YA...


This year I tented with these sweet Ladies...Meet:
Jackie, Me, Heather & Rhonda
Here is our Palace...
We have Da Bomb Cots! They are twin sized beds! Love them!!

And the dreaded tub...we pack our socks...etc in bags so they don't get lost all over that tub...but we dig thru that tub about a MILLION times during the week! But when it rains...our stuff stays nice & dry!
Heather is dragging her stuff back from the shower...
And now...the  Porta Potty (aka...Porta Poopy) Because that's what it smelled like!
Oh learn to go at lightening speed & you dare not go...well...#2...and spend that much time in there...Yes..I took a picture from inside...I just looked at it all week so I couldn't resist...
So that's a glimpse into our camp life for the week...I might make it sound dreadful..but I honestly love it!!!!


  1. Love the Palace! Where does one find da-bomb cots? That's my kind of sleeping!

  2. Julie...we found them at Sams or you can get them at Bass Pro! It is the best ever!

  3. Love the palace! Do not love porta poopies, though!

  4. Oh my! your girls are my heroes! No matter how poopy and how much you rough it....God blesses it and gives you so much in return! What a gift you are to those kids!


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