Monday, July 12, 2010

I got a new one...ok maybe 3 actually..

So if you are a male & you read this blog...this is your's a female thing today....

(um I only know 3 men who read this blog..ok maybe 4...and one is my husband)

You see...I haven't bought one in about 3 or 4's pitiful...

My old ones have holes in the back...

I am horrible at buying any type of undergarments really.

Just annoys me to spend money on it...but I love the way they make me feel 
when I put them on for the first time...:)
(a little sexy)

It's amazing how much they have advanced in 3 years...

so cushy...

so forming...

so soft...

so pretty...

Yes my sweet friends....I. BOUGHT. A. NEW. BRA.
(i actually bought 3...from Target)

and I bought some new panties (haven't in about 3 years also)

I know...some of you are thinking....she is ridiculous. 
I'm ok with that. 

Why Do I wait so long in between these purchases?? 
I love them & they make me feel so pretty... 

But next week I will be changing clothes in front of a tent full of women...a bathroom full of girls & I need to be presentable for Pete's sake!

So confess...
are you a wait until your bras are falling apart? 
I buy new pretty ones all the time girl?
Thank you for enjoying the little joys in my life with me...:) 


  1. I hate buying new bras and underwear. I do buy new underwear frequently, but I have had the same bras for years. You are not alone! lol

  2. i hate buying new bras, but when i find a good one that fits and i like it - then i buy at least 2 of them!

    you made me smile today...

  3. This is too funny!! I hate buying bras and panties although I do it more regular than you, LOL!! Completely understand the reason for getting all new undies though!!

    Love and Blessings

  4. It's amazing what a new bra can do for a woman... and her "girls" LOL :)

  5. Funny! I hate buying bras, so I buy black or colored to cover the fading:)
    Underwear, who needs them! lol Are you gasping? I wear them to church sometimes though, seems appropriate! :)

  6. girl, i love it! always have! new ones are the best! :)

  7. I HATE BUYING THEM!!! They are so expensive!! Hanes makes a wonderful sports bra that I have been wearing for about 4 years now :) They come in a pack of 3 for like $10!!! HAHAH!!!

  8. I wait like you do ... But I'm not sure why I do. Maybe we moms try to stretch them til we can't stretch them anymore.
    I think a few of my older panties have ended up in the garbage ... kuddos to my hubs ... cause he can't stand to see them!!!!

  9. This makes me laugh. I am a girl who waits until her under garments practically fall apart until she buy s aneww one too\. Too funny! Thanks for keepin' it real!

  10. I used to buy them all the time, but now they stopped carrying the ones that I love at Victoria's Secret, so I am praying that these bras i have last until Jesus comes back. I can't find another comfortable style. Hmmmm

  11. Hilarious! Ummm...I probably don't wait that long, but with getting married, having a baby, losing weight, getting pregnant I am all over the map with sizes and what not, so maybe in like 10 years or something :)

  12. Ha! I'm with ya ... do not like buying bras at all! Would rather buy a cute shirt or something else instead. However, I'm looking forward to buying something new, cute and sexy soon - nursing bras just don't quite feel cute and sexy! :)

  13. Ha! :) I don't like buying bras at all - would rather spend the money on a cute top instead. However, I am looking forward to buying some new cute and sexy ones soon! Nursing bras just don't quite cut it! :)


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