Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sitting on the Dock...

We are at my sister's lake house for the weekend...ahh...the good life. 

Me...sitting on the dock...
Took the kids tubing...
This is a redneck swimming pool...yep they blew it up and put it in the lake...LOL!
Caught my hubs relaxing on the's been a hard day...
Jaden loves to fish...he caught this turtle!!!
And to end our night I made homemade ice cream...I have the best recipe.. I will post it. SOOO easy!!
Today it's been raining...and it's 7:00 pm & I am still in my PJs!! 
ahh...the life of the Lakehouse!
So thankful for my sis & brother in law for letting us come relax!

How about you...what's your 4th of July plans? 


  1. OMGosh it sounds wonderful. I wish I were at the lake. Looks like a blast too. Cracking up at the swimming pool in the lake. CUTE

  2. Sounds heavenly !! Catch some rays for me...oh wait....they are hiding! shoot! oh well have fun anyway!!

    Love and Hugs!


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