Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I "Count it all "JOY" a day late..

After taking a week brain totally forgot about doing this on Wednesday...and I love doing it so please excuse me for the "belated" Joy day!

I am filled with Joy because we are going to the lake for 4th of July. We go every year with my entire family to my sister's lake house. It's so kids love it.

I am filled with Joy because God gave me a Mr. Fix it for a husband...seriously....he can fix about you can't have him!! LOL!

I am filled with Joy when I get to play on my new iphone. heehe!

I am filled with Joy after a week of take a hot shower & sleep in my bed.

I am filled with Joy when I "re"call last week at camp watching my girls worship.

I am filled with Joy that my daughter is such a good babysitter...all the kids love her to baby sit them.

I am filled with Joy to have such great friends that make me laugh.

I am filled with Joy that my sweet Godly friend just found out her daughter is pregnant, not married, but says...we love her....we know God is going to get us thru this with tears in her eyes. Her example as a Godly mom inspires me & shows me that no matter what we can get thru anything with GOD!!

I am filled with Joy when I feel God's spirit come over me & I know He lives in me & the devil can't have a hold on me.

I am filled with Joy because I just found out the dates for the first ever Pastor's wives retreat in Nashville...5-10-11...I seriously can't tell you the JOY I have about that!!!

I am filled with Joy that Angel started this on Wednesdays because sometimes...I am just plain not filled with Joy and this helps me sit down & write all my Joys...I could go on and on.

So what has filled you with JOY this week? Please share....


  1. You are hilarious, I love the a day late!!! Your JOY list is wonderful!!!
    I am excited too for the long weekend.
    We are both so blessed with Mr. Fix-its!! YAY!!
    I love the JOY you have for your friend who is standing beside and supporting her daughter. It is always so refreshing to me to see the love and forgiveness and not the judgement that most hand out!!
    I have never been to a pastor's wife retreat, but we used to attend a Pastor's Conference in Plano and it was wonderful, I enjoyed it so much!!! I can only imagine how a wife's retreat would be!!!

    You are one blessed and JOYful lady!! I am so glad you are linking up with us to share your JOY!!

    Love you my friend!!!

  2. THis is a great list. Woo hoo on going to the lake this weekend. How fun. I need a good babysitter. i wish you all lived closer :)
    A Pastor's Wife retreat sounds so fun. Yeah for that.

  3. So glad you went ahead and got your JOY list in> I so enJOY this! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend with your family at the lake house!

  4. Love your JOY Steph! Have fun at the lake :) and I am with you on your friend! May the Lord be with them as they all walk this difficult road together in HIM!
    Sooo glad you got your iphone! :)

    My Dh is a mister fix-it tooo and boy oh boy is that a gift!!


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