Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Father Day!

We left for camp on Fathers Day so I'm a little late on posting our Fathers Day!!
On Saturday...we baked my dad a coconut pie...I've heard it's the best...but I don't like coconut so I don't eat it...
Matt is a Pastor so we took the party to his office on Father's day morning since he was preaching. My man..he is a simple man...he wanted a nice tape measure because...well...his broke. So we got him a nice big one & Lauren is holding the tiny one we found for fun. And...he hasn't had a garage opener for YEARS...because..well...he is too cheap to buy one for $40. But while at Lowes...I found one that was on clearance for $20 because someone returned it and the package was open!! WOOHOO!! SCORE!
He was impressed I programed it for him..btw!!
And the kids made sticky buns for him...all by themselves & they are yummy!! 
Brooke painted him some pictures


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  1. Woo hoo on the deal. It looks like he had a wonderful Father's Day. Love all the smiles.


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